Hosted Data Layer objects

Create a data layer object or JSON file on the Tealium Multi-CDN.

Create a Hosted Data Layer object

Use the following steps to create a hosted data layer object:

  1. Define the new variables in a flat JSON file, as shown in the following example:
    The JSON payload should not exceed 1 MB.

        "product_category"           : ["Accessories"],
        "product_brand"              : ["Acme"],
        "product_sku"                : ["GEN-PRD-BLU"],
        "product_has_free_shipping"  : ["0"],
        "product_has_instore_pickup" : ["1"]
  2. Save the file with a name following the naming guidelines.
    Example: prod123456.json
    The account, profile, and datalayer_id names combined should not exceed 250 characters.

  3. Make an HTTPS POST request to upload the hosted data layer object to the Tealium CDN.

  4. (Optional) Type in the following URL to preview the uploaded data layer object:{account}/{profile}/{datalayer_id}.js

For JSON files, use the .json file extension.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023