iQ Revisions objects

Revisions are returned as JSON objects.

Available fields

Parameter Type Description
revision_id string The timestamp of the revision represented as a string in the format of YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.
created_by email The email of the user that created the revision.
comment string The comment left by the user at the time the revision was created.
targets_published array An array of the environment names for the publish targets used.
name string The name given to the revision.
time_created string A string representation of the time of creation, for example: Tue 2017.12.13 19:54 GMT.
account string The account name for the revision.
profile string The profile name for the revision.
checksums object The values in targets_published is a key factor in the checksums object. The values contain a checksums value for each JavaScript file published to that target.

Example response

    "account": "tealium",
    "profile": "main",
    "name": "Full Release - 2017/12/13 19:53",
    "time_created": "Tue 2017.12.13 19:54 GMT",
    "checksums": {
        "prod": {
            "manifest.json": "df8bb8bdb8bc34f9d70d98ff49fdcf53e7f286520747001538b74357418178a2",
            "": "9309364527db38cd33538ca239929c3ed89b7b6990e99b4a41d16b50dd519e35",
            "utag.sync.js": "7cdc832b67612bb053f2e4a91ea9eab2aeb4bd26bae9668cbf5bb58bb6a2e9a1",
            "utag.js": "3c34236708b14e8fd8a82e5c363d006793fd59fc6f6a6f0367634cf245d16861",
            "utag.1.js": "9b911570ac0685a50a3a32ef780a2570b16725779b7336bdbfca2838eea6d216"
    "revision_id": "201712131954",
    "comment": "up to date publish",
    "created_by": "",
    "targets_published": ["prod"]

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