Microsoft Advertising UET Tag Set Up Guide

This article describes how to set up the Microsoft Advertising UET tag in your Tealium iQ Tag Management account.

Microsoft Advertising UET Tag is used for track conversions and re-messaging.

Tag Tips

  • Use mapping to:
  • Override the standard config values
  • Override the E-Commerce extension values
  • Pass custom parameters
  • Set up event triggers
  • Mapping to a Custom Property/Parameter in the Standard tab sends that parameter with all events. Use the Event Parameters tab to send data only to certain events
  • Supports the following E-Commerce extension values:
  • Order ID
  • Order Sub Total
  • Order Shipping
  • Order Tax
  • Order Currency
  • Order Coupon/Promo Code
  • List of Product IDs
  • List of Names
  • List of Brands
  • List of Categories
  • List of Quantities
  • List of Prices

Tag Configuration

First, go to the tag marketplace and add the Microsoft Advertising UET tag (Learn more about how to add a tag).

After adding the tag, configure the following settings:

  • Tag ID: Your Microsoft Advertising Tag ID

Data Mappings

Mapping is the process of sending data from a data layer variable to the corresponding destination variable of the vendor tag. For instructions on how to map a variable to a tag destination, see data mappings.

The available categories are:


Variable Description
Tag ID (tagid)
Event Category (event_category)
Event Action (event_action)
Event Label (event_label)
Event Value (event_value)
Error Description (description)
Error Fatal (fatal)
Method (method)
Screen Name (screen_name)
Search Term (search_term)
Content Type (content_type)
Content ID (content_id)
List of Promotion Creative Names (promotion_creative_name)
List of Promotion Creative Slots (promotion_creative_slot)
List of Promotion IDs (promotion_id)
List of Promotion Names (promotion_name)
Custom Property/Parameter (custom.myvar)


Variable Description
Checkout Step (checkout_step)
Checkout Option (checkout_option)
Order ID (order_id) (Overrides _corder)
Sub Total (order_subtotal) (Overrides _csubtotal)
Shipping Amount (order_shipping) (Overrides _cship)
Tax Amount (order_tax) (Overrides _ctax)
Currency (order_currency) (Overrides _ccurrency)
Promo Code (order_coupon_code) (Overrides _cpromo)
List of Product IDs (product_id) (Overrides _cprod) [Array]
List of Names (product_name) (Overrides _cprodname) [Array]
List of Brands (product_brand) (Overrides _cbrand) [Array]
List of Categories (product_category) (Overrides _ccat) [Array]
List of Quantities (product_quantity) (Overrides _cquan) [Array]
List of Prices (product_unit_price) (Overrides _cprice) [Array]
List of Product Creative Names
List of Product Creative Slots
List of Product Location IDs

Events and Engagements

Variable Description
Add Payment Info (add_payment_info) add_payment_info
Add to Cart (add_to_cart) add_to_cart
Add to Wishlist (add_to_wishlist) add_to_wishlist
Begin Checkout (begin_checkout) begin_checkout
Checkout Progress (checkout_progress) checkout_progress
Exception (exception) exception
Generate Lead (generate_lead) generate_lead
Login (login) login
Page View (page_view) page_view
Purchase (purchase) purchase
Refund (refund) refund
Remove from Cart (remove_from_cart) remove_from_cart
Screen View (screen_view) screen_view
Search (search) search
Select Content (select_content) select_content
Set Checkout Option (set_checkout_option) set_checkout_option
Share (share) share
Sign Up (sign_up) sign_up
Timing Complete (timing_complete) timing_complete
View Item (view_item) view_item
View Item List (view_item_list) view_item_list
View Promotion (view_promotion) view_promotion
View Search Results (view_search_results) view_search_results
Custom Event Custom

Product Audience Events

Variable Description
Retail (retail) retail
Travel (travel) travel
Hotel (hotel) hotel

Event Parameters

Variable Description
Event Category event_category
Event Action event_action
Event Label event_label
Event Value event_value
Custom Property/Parameter Custom
Error Description description
Error Fatal fatal
Method method
Screen Name screen_name
Search Term search_term
Content Type content_type
Content ID content_id
Checkout Step checkout_step
Checkout Option checkout_option
Order ID order_id
Order Total order_total
Revenue Value revenue_value
Sub Total order_subtotal
Shipping Amount order_shipping
Tax Amount order_tax
Currency order_currency
Promo Code order_coupon_code
List of Product IDs product_id
List of Names] product_name
List of Brands product_brand
List of Categories product_category
List of Quantities product_quantity
List of Prices product_unit_price
List of Product Creative Names product_creative_name
List of Product Creative Slots product_creative_slot
List of Promotion Creative Names promotion_creative_name
List of Promotion Creative Slots promotion_creative_slot
List of Promotion IDs promotion_id
List of Promotion Names promotion_name

Product Audience Parameters

Variable Description
Product ID ecomm_prodid
Page Type ecomm_pagetype
Total Value ecomm_totalvalue
Category ecomm_category
Destination ID travel_destid
Origin ID travel_originid
Page Type travel_pagetype
Start Date travel_startdate
End Date travel_enddate
Total Value travel_totalvalue
Hotel Base Price hct_base_price
Hotel Total Price hct_total_price
Obfuscated Booking Reference Number hct_booking_xref
Hotel Checkin Date hct_checkin_date
Hotel Checkout Date hct_checkout_date
Hotel Length of Stay hct_length_of_stay
Hotel Partner ID hct_partner_hotel_id
Hotel Page Type hct_pagetype

Product Audience - Retail

Variable Description
Product ID (ecomm_prodid)
Page Type (ecomm_pagetype) [home, searchresults, category, product, cart, purchase, other]
Total Value (ecomm_totalvalue)
Category (ecomm_category)

Product Audience - Travel

Variable Description
Destination ID (travel_destid)
Origin ID (travel_originid)
Page Type (travel_pagetype) [home, searchresults, offerdetail, conversionintent, conversion, cancel, other]
Start Date (travel_startdate) [YYYY-MM-DD]
End Date (travel_enddate) [YYYY-MM-DD]
Total Value (travel_totalvalue)

Product Audience - Hotel

Variable Description
Hotel Base Price (hct_base_price)
Hotel Total Price (hct_total_price)
Hotel Checkin Date (hct_checkin_date) [YYYY-MM-DD]
Hotel Checkout Date (hct_checkout_date) [YYYY-MM-DD]
Hotel Length of Stay (hct_length_of_stay)
Hotel Partner ID (hct_partner_hotel_id)
Obfuscated Booking Reference Number (hct_booking_xref)
Hotel Page Type (hct_pagetype) [home, searchresults, property, cart, purchase, cancel, other]

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