About data bundles

This guide describes data bundles.

Data Bundles are the easiest way to quickly build your data layer based on the most commonly used variable names and Tealium’s best practices. The variables are grouped into bundles that are organized by their typical use. There are Standard Bundles ranging across a variety of uses from E-Commerce to Mobile Apps and Provider Bundles from services such as as Demandware and WordPress.

The E-Commerce bundle will automatically add and configure the E-Commerce extension.

The Common Variables Dialog

The following list provides a summary of the Common Variables dialog:

  • Bundles – Collection of variables you can choose to add to the Data Layer.

    • Standard Bundles – contain common variables grouped according to their use case.
    • Provider Bundles – contain provider- or platform-specific variables.
  • Import This Bundle – Clicking this button automatically adds the bundle to your Data Layer.

  • Resources – List of supporting help docs.

  • Variable List – Description of variables in the bundle you are currently viewing.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023