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This article describes how to import CSV files as a data source, allowing offline data to become enriched and actionable within the Customer Data Hub.


  • Tealium AudienceStream CDP
  • Tealium EventStream API Hub

How It Works

The File Import feature provides the ability to import a CSV file to supplement online visitor profiles with valuable offline data. Using this feature, you can import a CSV file using a file transfer service, such as an Amazon S3 Bucket. The Tealium server connects to the file service, reads the file, and ingests the data. Each imported row is processed as an event. After the data is ingested, it can then be enriched, stitched to existing visitor profiles, and sent to other vendors.

There are two steps in setting up a file import as a data source:

  1. Set up a file import data source
    Setting up a file import data source requires that you prepare a CSV file, configure column mappings, and assign a file transfer service.
  2. Upload files to your file transfer service
    After you set up your data source, upload your CSV files to your file service. File uploading is done outside of Tealium.

CSV Column Mapping Configuration

The column mapping configuration determines the event attributes that correspond to each column in the CSV file. The column names are often different from the attribute names in the Customer Data Hub, so this mapping ensures that the data is imported properly. For example, a CSV file might have a column named postalCode, but the matching event attribute is named customer_zip, so a column mapping is needed to associate the two.

Mappings can be configured based on an existing event specification or as a custom event.

Event Spec Mapping

When a file import uses an event specification mapping, the event attributes are pre-selected and you specify the CSV column name that corresponds to each attribute. Each row is processed as an event of the selected specification, for example tealium_event = "purchase".

Custom Mapping

When a file import uses a custom event mapping, you specify the event attribute that corresponds to each CSV column. Each row is processed as an event with the following event identifier:

tealium_event = "imported"

File Transfer Service

The file transfer service is a secure location where you upload the files to be imported. The following file transfer services are supported:

  • Amazon S3 (Tealium bucket or your own bucket)

Tealium uses VPC endpoints to access Tealium S3 buckets directly through the AWS network. Use IAM credentials to allow Tealium access your own bucket via our VPC Internet Gateway.

  • Microsoft Azure File/Blob Storage
    Supports the following authentication methods:
    • Password
    • Upload Private Key File
    • Generate Key Pair

If you use your own file transfer service, be sure to have the connection details ready before proceeding.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023