How long does it take for data to appear in DataAccess?


How long does it take for data to appear in DataAccess?



For both EventStore and AudienceStore, data updates occur based on the following conditions, whichever occurs first:

  • The size of the S3 bucket reaches 100 MB (uncompressed).
  • After 1 hour elapses.

When one of these conditions is met, the data is compressed and prepared for Redshift. The compressed data is then copied and imported into the Redshift database for your account.

Visitor Create/Update

Visitor profiles are created and updated when a session ends.

Visitor Stitching

When visitor profiles are stitched together, the existing records are deleted and the stitched profile is re-inserted.

Visitor Delete

Visitor profiles are deleted if they haven’t been updated during the profile retention period. For example, for a profile retention period of 90 days, all visitor profiles that have not been updated in the previous 90 days will be deleted.


New data is stored in EventDB and AudienceDB up to 1 hour after it reaches EventStore/AudienceStore.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023