Event object

This article provides information on the event object for event functions.

The event object contains the following properties:

Property Data Type Description
event.id string Tealium Event ID.
event.visitor_id string Tealium Visitor ID.
event.account string Tealium Account.
event.profile string Tealium Profile.
event.data object An object that contains event attribute data, such as event.data.properties.page_category or event.data.dates.signup_date.

Event object example

The following shows an example of event object data:

  "account": "your-account",
  "profile": "main",
  "event_id": "run-test-event-id",
  "visitor_id": "run-test-visitor-id",
  "data": {
    "dom": {
      "viewport_height": 766,
      "referrer": "",
      "viewport_width": 1440,
      "domain": "www.example.com",
      "title": "Home Page",
      "query_string": "q=help",
      "hash": "",
      "url": "https://www.example.com/?q=help",
      "pathname": "/"
    "udo": {
      "tealium_event": "page_view",
      "ut.account": "your-account",
      "ut.visitor_id": "0176cb4f3482110a5ba4702e147b0006d005a065104f2",
      "page_name": "Home Page",
      "ut.event": "view",
      "search_keyword": "help",
      "ut.domain": "example.com",
      "tealium_profile": "main",
      "ut.version": "ut4.46.202006020705",
      "tealium_session_id": "1609910608323",
      "tealium_account": "your-account",
      "ut.profile": "main",
    "firstparty_tealium_cookies": {
      "utag_main__sn": "12",
      "utag_main_dc_visit": "12",
      "utag_main_ses_id": "1609910610822",
      "utag_main_dc_region": "us-east-1",
      "utag_main__st": "1609913306118",
      "utag_main_v_id": "0176cb4f3482110a5ba4702e147b0006d005a065104f2",
      "utag_main__se": "66",
      "utag_main__ss": "0",
      "utag_main_dc_event": "60",
      "utag_main__pn": "5"
  "env": "prod",
  "post_time": 1537305808000

Access event data in a function

Functions can access event data as shown in the following code example:

const data = {};
    // DOM variables are stored in event.dom
    data.current_url = event?.dom?.url;

    // Standard UDO event variables are stored in event.data.udo
    data.session_id = event?.data?.udo?.tealium_session_id;

    // First Party cookies are stored in event.firstparty_tealium_cookies
    data.trace_id = event?.firstparty_tealium_cookies?.trace_id;

    // Meta variables are stored in event.meta
    data.meta_description = event?.meta?.description;
    data.tealium_event = event?.data?.udo?.tealium_event;
    data.tealium_account = event?.data?.udo?.tealium_account;
    data.tealium_profile = event?.data?.udo?.tealium_profile;

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