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Badges are special visitor attributes that represent interesting behavior patterns. Badges are assigned or removed from visitors based on the logic of their enrichments. This logic usually combines multiple conditions into one to capture visitor segments or sets a threshold for when a particular value is reached.

Example badges

Here are some example badges:

Big Spenders Cart Abandoner Multi-Device User Test Group B
Big Spender
Average Order Value is greater than 100
Cart Abandoner
Had unpurchased when visit ended
Multi-Device User
Lifetime number of devices used is greater than 1
Test Group B
Is part of a randomly assigned test group

Create a badge


We will build on the previous attribute, Lifetime Order Value, to create a VIP badge that will identify visitors that have spent more than $500.

Follow these steps to create a badge:

  1. Navigate to AudienceStream > Attributes and click Add Attribute.
  2. Select the scope of Visitor and click Continue.
  3. Select the data type Badge and click Continue.
  4. Enter the name of the attribute, VIP.
  5. Click Add Enrichment and select Assign Badge.
  6. Leave the WHEN set to Any Event, then click Create a New Rule.
  7. Create a rule that identifies when the lifetime order amount has reached 500, for example:
    Lifetime Order Value greater than 500
  8. Click Save, then Finish.

That’s it! Now you have a visitor badge that will keep track of customers that match the behavior pattern defined in the enrichment rules.

That takes care of one of the special visitor attributes. Click Next to learn about omnichannel attributes and how to import offline data.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023