Data sources: Add a data source

This step will use the HTTP API data source as an example, but you can use any platform for which you have access to the code.

Use the following steps to add a data source:

  1. Navigate to Sources > Data Sources and click + Add Data Source.
    The data source modal appears.
  2. In the Categories side panel, click Developer Languages and select HTTP API.
    Data Source HTTP
  3. Enter a name and click Continue.
    (The name can be changed later.)
  4. Click Continue and skip the steps about event specifications.
    (We will return to that topic later.)
    The Get Code screen displays the basic installation code.
  5. Click Download PDF to save this information for offline use, then click Save & Continue.
  6. The summary screen confirms that your data source has been created and provides the next steps:
    • Save and Publish - you must save and publish your account for the data source to be recognized with incoming events.
    • Install Code - installing the base code is usually the easy first step, but implementing event tracking throughout your application might take more time and planning.
    • Verify Events - once your installation is running and sending event data, navigate to Live Events to see your data in real-time.
  7. Click Close.
    Your new data source now appears in the list on the Data Sources screen.

Excellent! Now, make note of the newly generated data source key or reference the downloaded installation instructions for the next tutorial.

However, before we move on, let’s do a quick save and publish so you can complete the set up of your data source.

  1. At the top of the screen, click the green Save/Publish button.
  2. Select the Save As option.
  3. Enter a Title such as Getting Started with EventStream.
  4. Enter a description of your changes.
  5. Click the Publish checkbox on (if it isn’t already).
    Save Publish
  6. Click OK.

Click Next to see how to send test events to EventStream and observe them on the Live Events screen.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023