Data Sources: Install and Test

Installing and testing the HTTP API is as simple as entering a URL into a browser. If you chose a different platform for your data source go ahead and add the necessary code according to the installation instructions.

Sending a test event

Events are identified in EventStream by setting the tealium_event variable in the event data. Most of the installation libraries simply take an event parameter in the tracking calls and set tealium_event for you, but in the HTTP API you have set it explicitly. For our test event we will send an event called search.

Using the GET method, our test event URL will look like this (line breaks added for readability):

The corresponding code in Swift (iOS) might look like this:

var tealConfig = TealiumConfig(
    account: "your_account",
    profile: "your_profile",
    environment: "prod",
    datasource: "abc123")

let tealium = Tealium(config: tealConfig)

// Tracked event "search" automatically results in:
// tealium_event : "search" in the event data
tealium?.trackEventWithTitle("search", dataSources: [:])

Great! Click Next to see how to observe those test events on the Live Events screen.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023