Add an Event Feed

This step shows how to create an event feed to capture search events that contain zero results. However, these steps can be used to create any type of event feed.

Create a feed

Use the following steps to create an event feed:

  1. Navigate to EventStream > Live Events and click + Add Event Feed.
    The Create Event Feed dialog appears.
  2. Set the Title, Notes, and Labels.
    Ignore Event Data Storage for now, since this setting requires your account to be enabled for DataAccess.
  3. Set the conditions for the feed:
    • Select an event attribute from the drop-down menu.
    • Select an operator.
    • Select another attribute, or Custom Value then enter a value.
      Event Feed Condition
  • Repeat this for additional AND/OR condition logic.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Save and publish to your account.

Revisit Live Events

Now that you have event specs and feeds set up, it’s a good time to revisit your installation to send more events to EventStream to see how they appear in Live Events.

Here are some things to try to get more familiar with Live Events and Feeds:

  • Send search events without other attributes. Do they appear red, green, or blue in Live Events?
  • Send search events with all required attributes. Are they valid in Live Events?
  • In the Live Events drop-down for Event Feeds, select your new feed. Trigger more events to get them to appear in this view.

Once you’re familiar with event feeds, click Next to learn about connectors and how they work.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023