Event Specifications: Add a Spec

Event specifications can be added directly from the event details view in Live Events. Live Events will detect events that match a marketplace specification and provide a preview of the spec to make it easy to add it without leaving the screen.

In addition, unknown events (do not match a marketplace spec) can be defined as custom specifications directly from the event details view. When doing this, the event attributes from the event will be pre-filled in the Add Event Specification window.

How it works

Any event, whether custom or from the marketplace, can be created from the event details view on the Live Events screen. In this example, we’ll pick up where we left off with the search event.

Here’s how it works:

  1. With an event detail in view, the following options could be available (depending on the event):

    • Preview Spec
      This option appears when the event is a recognized marketplace spec. Clicking this button will show the attributes expected by the spec and validate them against the current event data.
    • Create Event Specification
      This option displays when the event is not recognized. Clicking this button will open a dialog to create a custom event specification based on the attributes detected in the current event.
  2. For the “search” event, click Preview Spec to see that, in its current format, the test event sent would be invalid due to the missing required attributes: search_keyword and search_results . But that’s OK. We’ll adjust the event tracking later.

  3. Click Create Event Specification to open the dialog to add this spec. From here you will see the full spec (notice there is also an optional attribute) and you can enter notes or add additional attributes (though you cannot edit the existing ones).
    Add Event Spec

  4. Click Finish.

Now that you have an event specification created, you can observe data quality on the Live Events screen.

Click Next to see how to data validation works.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023