Event Specifications: Data Quality

Now that you have event specifications defined, Live Events will display the quality of your incoming data. The color-coded bars in the chart are segmented according to the validation of the event specifications against your data.

Live Events All Filters

Live Events with event spec validation:

  • Valid (Green)
    Valid events satisfy the requirements of an active event specification. This means the event has a known value for the tealium_event attribute and contains all the required attributes in the specification.

  • Invalid (Red)
    Invalid events match an event specification, but do not contain the required attributes. This means that the event has a known value for the tealium_event attribute, but the required attributes are either missing or contain unexpected values.

  • No Spec (Blue)
    Events marked as No Spec do not have a matching event specification. This means the event does not have the tealium_event attribute or that the value does not have a corresponding event specification.

Click any of the filters to toggle those values on or off and adjust the display of the chart.

That concludes the basics of getting installed and set up with a data layer. Now let’s look at creating actionable event feeds.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023