Tealium + Quantum Metric Integration Guide

This article describes how to get the most out of Tealium and Quantum Metric by setting up the Quantum Metric tag in Tealium iQ Tag Management and enabling the Quantum Metric Tag to send Session Replay URLs to Tealium AudienceStream.

The bi-directional integration between Tealium and Quantum Metric gives you deeper insights into how your key customer segments experience your digital products.


  • Tealium
    • iQ Tag Management (Required)
    • AudienceStream (Recommended)
      To achieve the most value out of the bi-directional integration.
  • Quantum Metric
    • Platform for Native or Web (Required)

How it works

Quantum Metric is the Digital Experience Intelligence platform, driving unparalleled visibility into every customer interaction across all devices and delivering faster data-driven decisions. Built to automatically prioritize both technical and behavioral insights, the platform promotes enterprise digital transformation by empowering organizational Customer Experience (CX) alignment. Performance and security are the foundation of Quantum Metric, enabling customers to gain real-time user insights securely and at scale.

See the Tealium and Quantum Metric Partnership Overview for more information.

Tag configuration

To add and configure the Quantum Metric tag, you must first add and configure the tag from the Tealium tag marketplace. You will then enable Tealium AudienceStream to receive Quantum Metric Replay URLs.

Add and configure the tag in your Tealium account

Add and configure the Quantum Metric tag from the Tealium tag marketplace:

  1. Log in to your Tealium account.
  2. Follow the steps to add a new tag from the tag marketplace.
    To find the Quantum Metric tag, type Quantum in the Vendor Name search field.
  3. Select Quantum Metric and add that tag to your account.
  4. In the Subscription Name field, enter the name provided by your Quantum Metric Client Service Manager.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. (Optional) Define Load Rules and Data Mappings.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. Save and publish your changes to the desired environments.

Enable AudienceStream

Before enabling Quantum Metric Replay URLs to be sent to AudienceStream, consult with your Quantum Metric Client Service Manager to determine desired target behaviors and experiences to send from Quantum Metric to Tealium.

Enable AudienceStream to receive data from Quantum Metric:

  1. Go to your Quantum Metric tag in iQ Tag Management.
  2. Expand the details and click Edit.
  3. Set the Send Replay URL field to True.
  4. Define the following fields:
    • Time Stamp
    • Tealium Account
    • Tealium Profile
  5. Click Apply.
  6. Save and publish your changes to the desired environments.

View in Live Events

Once the Quantum Metric tag is configured and sending Replay URLs to AudienceStream is enabled, you can view activity in the Live Events feed.

Use the following steps to view in Live Events:

  1. In the Customer Data Hub left sidebar, click Event Stream > Live Events.
  2. Scroll down to find the events from Quantum Metric by filtering for events containing the event attribute quantum_metric_replay_url or quantum_metric_user_id.
  3. Use these event attributes to enrich the profile with other AudienceStream attributes.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023