AudienceStream CDP + Optimizely X

Integrate Optimizely with AudienceStream to use audiences to build targeted experiments in Optimizely Classic or Optimizely X.


Set Data Enrichment for the Tealium Collect tag to Frequent. For more information, see the Tealium Collect Setup Guide.

After you complete the integration, audiences are automatically sent to Optimizely via data layer enrichment.

Integrate Optimizely Classic with AudienceStream

There are two steps to integrate Optimizely Classic with AudienceStream:

  1. Add utag.sync.js to your site.
  2. Connect AudienceStream and Optimizely by using the Tealium Tool: Optimizely Helper.

Add utag.sync.js to your site

You need to include utag.sync.js in all HTML pages that need to use Optimizely. For consistency, you may want to include it in all pages.

For details on setting up utag.sync.js, see Using the utag.sync.js Script.

Connect AudienceStream and Optimizely

To use audiences in Optimizely, you need to connect AudienceStream and Optimizely and then map audiences to your Optimizely project. Use the Tealium Tool: Optimizely Helper to complete both of these tasks.

For more information, see Tealium Tool: Optimizely Helper.

Integrate Optimizely X with AudienceStream

Use the Optimizely Dashboard to integrate Optimizely X with AudienceStream.

  1. After creating your Audiences in AudienceStream, log into Optimizely and click Integrations.
  2. Set Tealium to On.
  3. Enter your Tealium account ID.
  4. Select the Overview tab, then click Audiences.
  5. Under Conditions, click Tealium.
  6. Drag Tealium Audience or Tealium Badge to create an Optimizely Audience condition based on a Tealium audience.
    Create Audience
    Create Audience2
  7. Click Save Audience.

Create audience-based experiments

After Optimizely is integrated with AudienceStream, the mapped audiences are available for your project and you can create audience-based experiments.

To select a new target audience for an experiment:

  1. Create a new experiment, or edit an existing experiment, and click Audiences.
  2. Click Add a Saved Audience and select the audience to target.
  3. Save your experiment.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023