Machine learning concepts and technology

This article describes Machine Learning technology concepts, goals, audiences, and technological advances.

Machine learning technology

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence that focuses on enabling machines to learn without human guidance by recognizing patterns. Machine learning uses a set of predetermined rules to remember the patterns, analyze output, and create a model to explain the patterns and guide future behavior.

In cases where you know what data you want, Machine Learning accelerates the path to acquiring the desired data. In cases where you do not know exactly what you want or need to identify a pattern, Machine Learning can find a pattern and reveal results that you can use to move forward with acquiring the data you need.

For information about what Machine Learning is and what it is not, see Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence.


Machine learning technology enables you to learn more about your users and, as a result, provide them more personalized, higher quality experiences while improving the efficiency of your marketing and advertising efforts.

Audiences that consume machine learning technology

Data scientists and developers who have a high level of knowledge about Machine Learning and actually work on Machine Learning projects are the primary consumers of Machine Learning tools and technologies. Everyone else, including marketers and business users, have a general understanding of the potential benefits of Machine Learning but lack the knowledge of how to start and implement a Machine Learning project.

Tealium Predict can be implemented and managed by members of this “everyone else” group. One does not have to be a Data Scientist or have a background in Data Science to get started and add immediate value to a business.

Business examples

Machine learning models are commonly used by leading businesses to make predictions about the future behavior of their customers, such as estimating future purchase amounts.

The most common business example used today is a recommendation engine, such as those built and used by Amazon, Netflix, AirBnb, and other large businesses.


Machine learning technology as a field has advanced to the point that it is being used successfully by some of the largest and most sophisticated technology companies. The public is generally aware of the fact that Machine Learning has large potential benefits for businesses and that it is here to stay.

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