In-App Purchase Module

The In-App Purchase module adds automatic tracking of in-app purchases to your app.

What is an in-app purchase?

An in-app purchase is additional content, services, or a subscription that you buy inside the app. Some examples of in-app purchases include:

  • Upgrade to remove ads
  • Game credits
  • Virtual currency
  • Extra game levels
  • Unlock more features

Examples of purchases that are not considered in-app purchases include:

  • Purchasing clothes or other items in an e-commerce app.
  • Using Google Pay to complete a purchase.


Install the In-App Purchase module using Maven (recommended) or manually.


To install the module using Maven:

  1. In your project’s top-level build.gradle file, add the following Maven repository:
        allprojects {
          repositories {
            maven {
              url ""
  2. In your project module’s build.gradle file, add the following Maven dependencies:
    dependencies {
          implementation 'com.tealium:kotlin-core:1.5.1'
          implementation 'com.tealium:kotlin-inapppurchase:1.0.1'

Ensure you are using the latest version of kotlin-core.


To install the In-App Purchase module manually:

  1. Download the Tealium In-App Purchase module.

  2. Copy the file tealium-kotlin.inapppurchase-1.0.1.aar into your project’s <PROJECT_ROOT>/<MODULE>/libs directory.

  3. Add the Tealium library dependency to your project module’s build.gradle file:

    dependencies {
          implementation(name:'tealium-kotlin.inapppurchase-1.0.1', ext:'aar')


Initialize the In-App Purchase module, as shown in the following example:

val config = TealiumConfig(application,
              modules = mutableSetOf(Modules.InAppPurchase),
              dispatchers = mutableSetOf(

Data Layer

The In-App Purchase module sends the following attributes in the event:

Variable Description Example
purchase_order_id The order ID of the purchase. “1234567890”
purchase_timestamp The timestamp of the purchase in ISO 8601 format. “2022-01-17T14:42:28Z”
purchase_quantity The total number of items purchased. “2”
purchase_skus An array of the product IDs purchased. [“premium_upgrade”, “sub”]
purchase_state 1 = Purchased, 2 = Pending, 0 = Unspecified (See Android Developers: Purchase.PurchaseState to learn more about this attribute.) “1”
purchase_is_auto_renewing Set to true if the subscription will auto-renew. true
autotracked Set to true to indicate that the event was tracked automatically. true
tealium_event The name of the event. “in_app_purchase”

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023