Location Module

Learn to install Tealium Location Module for React Native.

Tealium for React Native allows you to use the Tealium native mobile libraries (iOS, Android) in your React Native application.

How It Works

Tealium mobile libraries are integrated into your React Native application using one of the following two methods:

  • NPM package (recommended)
  • Manual via GitHub


Install (NPM/YARN)

To install the Tealium Location module for React Native with NPM:

  1. Follow the installation instructions for the main tealium-react-native library installation here. Ensure you have installed at least verion 2.2.0 or above.

  2. Navigate to the root of your React Native project.

  3. Download and install the tealium-react-native-location package with the following command:

    yarn install tealium-react-native-location


To import the relevant classes into your app, do the following:

import TealiumLocation from 'tealium-react-native-location';
import { TealiumLocationConfig, Accuracy, DesiredAccuracy, LocationData } from 'tealium-react-native-location/common';


Configure the Location module prior to initializing the main Tealium React Native integration.

You can configure all your required options in one single method, or by calling the helper methods individually:

let locationConfig: TealiumLocationConfig = {
    accuracy: Accuracy.high,
    geofenceUrl: "...",
    geofenceFile: "...",
    interval: 6000,                         // android only
    geofenceEnabled: false,                 // iOS only
    desiredAccuracy: DesiredAccuracy.best,  // iOS only
    updateDistance: 150                    // iOS only    


// or call them individually:
// etc

API Reference

After the Location Module and the main Tealium React Native integration have both been initialized, you can request that location tracking be started or stopped, and request the latest known location point data.


Starts location data tracking - you should ensure that the relevant permissions have been granted prior to starting location tracking.



Stops location data tracking - only relevant if you are currently tracking location data.



Requests the last known location, and returns an object containing the latitude and longitude coordinates as lat and lng keys - only relevant if you are currently tracking location data.

TealiumLocation.lastLocation((loc) => {
    if (loc) {
        Alert.alert(`Lat: ${loc.lat} | Lng: ${loc.lng}`)

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023