Join Data Values Extension

The Join Data Values extension combines multiple text values into a single text value using a separator character called a delimiter.


How it works

The Join Data Values extension combines two or more text values into a single text value using an optional delimiter. The delimiter is a single character such as /, -, or : that will separate each joined value in the final value. A default value can be set to be used in place of any variable that does not have a value when the extension runs. The joined value can come from either the data layer or a text value you enter. This extension supports conditions.

This extension uses the JavaScript join() method to concatenated multiple variables with the delimiter character.

Avoid delimiter characters that could also appear in the joined values.

Using the extension

Once the extension is added, the following configuration options are available:

  • Destination: The variable to store the joined values.
    Choose an existing variable from the drop-down list or create a new one by clicking the + button.

  • Delimiter: The character to separate each variable in the final text value.
    Enter a single character, such as /, -, or :.

  • Leading Delimiter: (Default: No). Determines if the delimiter will also be applied at the beginning of the joined values.

  • Default Value: The default value to use in place of a joined variable that does not contain a value. For example, unset or blank.

  • Join: The list of variables to join into a single value.

    • Click the + button to add another variable.
    • Click the - button to remove a variable.

    Select the option Text Value to enter a custom text value.

  • Sample: A sample value to validate the correct delimiter and variables.

  • Condition: Click Add Condition to set a condition to determine when this extension will run.



Join separate date variables to create a standard date string. Use a different delimiter or order of variables to create the desired date format.

  • Input Variables: year="2020" month="12" day="31"
  • Delimiter: -
  • Joined Value: date="2020-12-31"

Page hierarchy

Create a structured page hierarchy value by combining site_section, page_category, and other page level variables.

  • Input Variables: site_region="en-us" site_section="Electronics" category_name="Tablets"
  • Delimiter: :
  • Joined Value: page_hier="en-us:Electronics:Tablets"

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023