Lower-Casing Extension

The Lower-Casing extension sets data layer values to lower-case. This is a best practice for data consistency.


How it works

This extension uses the JavaScript method String.toLowerCase() to convert data layer values to lower-case. The extension can be applied to all data layer variables or specific ones.

Using the extension

Once the extension is added, the following configuration options are available:

  • All Variables to Lower Case: (Default: Yes)
    • Yes (default): sets all variables to lower-case.
    • No: only set specific variables to lower-case.

Select a variable from the drop-down.
Click the + button to add more variables, or the - button to remove variables.


In this example, lower-casing is performed on a specific variable, search_keyword. This is a common practice to ensure that that all tracked searches are case-insensitive.

Step to configure:

  1. Add the Lower-Casing extension.
  2. Set a title.
  3. Set All Variables to Lower Case to No.
  4. From the variable drop-down, select Search Keyword.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023