About profile libraries

This article describes profile libraries in iQ Tag Management.

How it works

Libraries are used to manage configurations that are shared across multiple profiles. Consider the following points before you begin working with libraries:

  • A profile can load one or more libraries, but libraries cannot load profiles or other libraries.
  • A library is almost identical to a profile with the exception that a library can be imported into another profile.
  • After an element from a library is imported into a profile, it cannot be edited.
  • You can modify the tag configuration of an imported tag, as changes to tag configuration take precedence over library settings.
  • After saving and publishing a profile with imported libraries, the resulting version and utag.js file represent the entire profile configuration.

Identify library elements in a profile

Consider the following when identifying library elements in a profile:

  • Elements added from a library receive a label that indicates which library each element belong to.
  • Tags added to a profile through a library receive a unique ID for that profile. This unique ID may be different than the ID that a tag receives when added to the library.
  • Any tag, load rule, or extension added in a library will display as ON in the profile that loads the library. You cannot turn off a library-loaded element from a profile that loads the library.
  • You cannot remove data layer variables imported from a library.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023