Use Case — Supplementing Product Data

The following is a use case to illustrate how to add new data layer variables to the page with hosted data layer.

  • You have a database of information for the products you sell on your website.
  • The basic product attributes, such as “ID”, “Price”, and “Name”, are readily available to your web application and currently populated in the data layer on your page.
  • An offline system that is not available to your web application contains additional product attributes that you want to add to the on-page data layer, such as “SKU”, “In Store Availability”, “Free Shipping Status”, and “Brand”.

The following steps describe the implementation process for this use case:

  1. Identify lookup variables
    The on-page data layer contains product_id, which is also an identifier in the offline data and a good candidate for a lookup variable.
  2. Create/Upload hosted data layer objects
    A program is created to export the offline product data into JSON data files, which are named according to the expected values of product_id.
    For example, if the on-page data layer contains product_id=["PRD123"], then a matching hosted data layer file named PRD123.js is created. A separate file is created for every product.
  3. Configure hosted data layer Extension
    With the lookup variable identified and hosted data layer objects uploaded, the hosted data layer extension is then added and configured to use product_id.
    Although your on-page data layer may only have product_id available, you have used the hosted data layer API to upload additional product data. The lookup variable is now product_id, which means that the values of the product identifier variable determines the names of the hosted data layer objects.

The following shows the result of applying the enrichment process.

  • On-Page data layer utag_data
        "page_type"  : "product",
        "product_id" : ["PRD123"]
  • Hosted data layer object PRD123.js
        "has_free_shipping"  : ["0"],
        "has_instore_pickup" : ["1"]
  • Merged data layer
        "page_type"          : "product",
        "product_id"         : ["PRD123"],
        "has_free_shipping"  : ["0"],
        "has_instore_pickup" : ["1"]

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023