Web install concepts

Learn the basics of a web installation.

Data layer

The Tealium data layer for web pages is the JavaScript object utag_data (also known as the Universal Data Object). It represents a vendor-neutral and user-friendly representation of the activity you track on your digital properties

The Universal Data Object contains built-in variables that collect basic information about the page where it is loaded. These variables include cookies created by utag.js, standard DOM variables from the page, and Tealium-specific variables about the loaded configuration.

Learn more about the data layer variables that are part of the Universal Data Object generated by utag.js.

Event names

Event names use the reserved variable tealium_event to uniquely identify each type of interaction to be tracked. This variable is referenced throughout Tealium iQ to configure load rules, extensions, and data mappings. Use additional variables names of your choosing for all other event data.

Learn more about tracking events and event names.

Single page applications (SPA)

On a single-page application (SPA) where the page loads utag.js only once per visit, suppress the automatic page view tracking call to allow your application to make these calls directly with utag.view().

Learn more about single-page applications.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023