About the Tag Marketplace

The Tag Marketplace makes it easy to find and add a tag to your site.

The Tag Marketplace is your one-stop source for finding supported vendor tags and adding them to your profile. It offers tags in a variety of categories, such as Ad Display, Analytics, Affiliates, and Social Media to name a few.

To access the Tag Marketplace, go to iQ Tag Management > Tags, then click + Add Tag.

  • Home: Displays the default view of the Tag Marketplace.
    Here you can search for a tag, browse recently-added tags, and detect tag parameters from your vendor code snippet.
  • What’s New: Displays a set of recently-added tags.
  • Tag Categories: Lists different tag categories.
  • Search for a Tag: Search the Tag Marketplace for a tag by typing its name in the text box.
  • Detect Tag from Code: Automatically detects the tag parameters from a vendor code snippet.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023