Load the universal tag from a Chinese network

To improve performance when loading the universal tag from Chinese networks, you can use tags.tiqcdn.cn to expedite content delivery inside mainland China, as well as elsewhere in the world. tags.tiqcdn.cn is delivered by Akamai through the closest node to the user, which can be inside or outside the network security.


  • Choose a method for loading the universal tag

    • If you can modify the source code for your site, use tags.tiqcdn.cn in the code you add to your website.
    • If you cannot modify the source code for your site, use the China CDN Deployment Extension.
  • Use a unique profile
    Use a unique profile for each of your websites. Using multiple profiles allows you to tag each website and customize the delivery of all Tealium-based content for that website.

  • tags.tiqcdn.cn
    tags.tiqcdn.cn is available from Akamai through the closest node to the user. This means you can use a .cn domain for users outside the China firewall with no impact on performance for those users.

  • Internet Content Provider (ICP) license
    For all web content to be delivered in mainland China, your website requires a valid ICP license.

Updating the code for your website

  1. Create a profile for the .cn domain. For more information, see Manage Profiles.
  2. Update the publishing URLs in Publish Configuration to specify the .cn CDN path.
    For example:
    For more information, see Publish Configuration.
  3. Add the following JavaScript, which uses tags.tiqcdn.cn, to the HTML source.
    <script type="text/javascript">

Using the China CDN Deployment Extension

Create and configure a China CDN Deployment Extension to determine the user’s location and serve utag.js from the appropriate CDN. For more information on creating an extension, see China CDN Deployment Extension.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023