CJ Tracking API Connector Setup Guide

This article describes how to set up the CJ Tracking API connector.

CJ recommends that you use the Universal Tag and Tracking API concurrently for web tracking events because each will support or enhance CJ’s offerings. Using the Tracking API requires back-end changes on the CJ side and requires collaboration with your Client Integration team. Contact your CJ account team or support@cj.com for more details.

API Information

This connector uses the following vendor API:

  • API Name: CJ API
  • API Endpoint: https://tracking.api.cj.com
  • Documentation: CJ API

Batch Limits

This connector uses batched requests to support high-volume data transfers to the vendor. Requests are queued until one of the following three (3) thresholds is met:

  • Max number of requests: 10000
  • Max time since oldest request: 10 minutes
  • Max size of requests: 100 MB

Connector Actions

Action Name AudienceStream EventStream
Send Order Data

Configure Settings

Navigate to the Connector Marketplace and add a new connector. For general instructions on how to add a connector, see the About Connectors article.

After adding the connector, configure the following settings:

  • Personal Access Token
    Required: Your CJ Tracking API personal access token. Generate your personal access token by navigating to the CJ personal access tokens page and logging into your account.

Click Done when you are finished configuring the connector.

Action Settings — Parameters and Options

Click Continue to configure the connector actions. Enter in a name for the action and then select the action type from the drop-down menu.

The following section describes how to set up parameters and options for each action.

Action — Send Order Data


Parameter Destination Description
Enterprise ID enterpriseId (Required) The unique client ID assigned by CJ’s Client Integration team.
Action Tracker ID actionTrackerId (Required) The static value given by the CJ’s Client Integration team for the action taken.
CJ Event ciEvent (Required) CJ-defined correlating event ID (also known as the CJ Click ID).
Order ID orderId (Required) Client-defined Order identifier.
Event Time eventTime (Required) The timestamp of the event.
Order Amount amount (Required) The total order amount.
Order Discount discount The discount applied to the order.
Coupon Code coupon The coupon code applied to the order.
Currency currency The currency used on the order.
Product Prices unitPrice An array of the unit price of each product in the order.
Product SKUs sku An array of each product’s SKU in the order.
Product Quantities quantity An array of the amount ordered of each product.
Product Discounts discount An array of the amount of a product discount applied to the product’s unit price.
Advertiser Vertical Supported values are: Retail, Finance, Travel, NetworkServices.
Ancillary Spend ancillarySpend The ancillary spend amount for the transaction (Advertiser-only attribute),
Annual Fee annualFee Annual fee associated with this product.
Application Status applicationStatus Identifies the status of the application at the time the transaction is sent to CJ.
Apr apr APR at time of application approval.
Apr Transfer aprTransfer APR for transfers.
Apr Transfer Time aprTransferTime APR transfer period in months.
Booking Date bookingDate The date booking was made in format YYYY-MM-DD.
Booking Status bookingStatus The status of the booking (for example: confirmed, pending, et cetera).
Booking Value Post Tax bookingValuePostTax The value of the booking after taxes.
Booking Value Pre Tax bookingValuePreTax The value of the booking before taxes.
Brand brand The brand of item or items purchased.
Brand ID brandId The brand identifier of the item booked.
Business Unit businessUnit The business unit the customer purchased through.
Campaign ID campaignId The advertiser-specific marketing campaign ID.
Campaign Name campaignName The advertiser-specific marketing campaign name.
Card Category cardCategory The card category’s name.
Car Options carOptions Other car options chosen during the transaction (for example, insurance).
Cash Advance Fee cashAdvanceFee The cash advance fee associated with this product.
Category category The category of the item. (For example: if a customer applies for a Personal Cash-back Credit card; service_type=cc&item_type=personal&category=cashback).
City city The city name of the hotel or event’s location.
Class class The class rating of the item booked or purchased.
Confirmation Number confirmationNumber The confirmation number for the provider (for example, a flight confirmation number from an airline).
Contract Length contractLength The length of the contract, in months.
Contract Type contractType An advertiser-specific description of the contract.
Country Code countryCode The country where the transaction occurred.
Coupon Discount couponDiscount Amount discounted from any coupon used.
Coupon Type couponType The type of coupon used.
Credit Line creditLine The amount of credit extended to the customer.
Credit Quality creditQuality Quality of customer’s credit. Supported values are: 300-579=Very Poor, 580-669=Fair, 670-739=Good, 740-799=Very Good, 800-850=Exceptional.
Credit Report creditReport If the customer received a credit report, purchased it, got a free report, or started a trial for a reporting service.
Cruise Type cruiseType The type of cruise (for example: Alaskan, Caribbean, et cetera).
Customer Country customerCountry The country the customer purchasing is in, per ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 country codes. For example, US, UK, AU, FR.
Customer Segment customerSegment The advertiser-specific customer segment.
Customer Status customerStatus If the customer is new or existing.
Customer Type customerType The type of customer (for example: company, individual consumer, business, leisure).
Delivery delivery The method of delivery.
Description description Product or card description.
Destination City destinationCity The destination city’s name.
Destination Country destinationCountry The service destination’s country, formatted using ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 country codes. For example, US, UK, AU, FR.
Destination ID destinationId The service destination ID, typically an advertiser-defined code representing a destination city or destination state/province (for example: 728660).
Destination State destinationState The service destination state/province, formatted using ISO 3166-2 state codes.
Domestic domestic If the customer resides in the United States.
Dropoff Iata dropoffIata IATA code for dropoff location, if it’s at an airport.
Dropoff ID dropoffId Unique car rental agency ID for dropoff location.
Duration duration Duration of event or item in days, such as nights for a hotel stay or length of a trial subscription.
End Date Time endDateTime The check-out date/time, departure date/time, et cetera)
Flight Fare Type flightFareType The type of flight fare (for example “Gotta Get Away”).
Flight Options flightOptions Other options selected for a flight package (for example, wiki).
Flight Type flightType The type of flight (for example, direct, layover, overnight).
Flyer Miles flyerMiles If flyer miles were earned from this flight.
Funded Amount fundedAmount Account of account funding.
Funded Currency fundedCurrency The currency of the account’s initial funding.
Genre genre The entertainment category or genre (for example, books, movies, streaming, music, et cetera); transaction-level only.
Guests guests The number of guests.
Iata iata The code for each city in a flight schedule in a comma-separated list; commas must be URL-encoded.
Introductory Apr introductoryApr The intro APR for purchases. If the intro APR is not different than overall APR, use the “APR” parameter.
Introductory Apr Time introductoryAprTime The introductory APR period in months.
Item ID itemId The ID for item or items purchased. If multiple items, the parameter will use a comma-separated list.
Item Name itemName The name of the purchased item.
Item Type itemType The type of item (For example: if a customer applies for a Personal Cash-back Credit card; service_type=cc&item_type=personal&category=cashback).
Itinerary ID itineraryId The booking itinerary ID.
Lifestage lifestage The general demographic (such as new mover or student or Small biz) that indicate how and why a card will be used.
Location location An advertiser-specific ID or name that can be used to identify the store or location the customer will visit or has visited.
Loyalty Earned loyaltyEarned The level of the customer’s loyalty status.
Loyalty First Time Signup loyaltyFirstTimeSignup If this order resulted in the consumer joining the loyalty program.
Loyalty Level loyaltyLevel If loyalty points were used.
Loyalty Redeemed loyaltyRedeemed if loyalty points were earned.
Loyalty Status loyaltyStatus The customer’s status of membership.
Margin margin The advertiser-only attribute that indicates the profit margin for the transaction.
Marketing Channel marketingChannel
Minimum Balance minimumBalance The value of the minimum cash balance requirement for the account.
Minimum Deposit minimumDeposit The minimum deposit amount.
Minimum Stay Duration minimumStayDuration The minimum required stay duration, in days.
No Cancellation noCancellation If a no cancellation allowed policy exists on the transaction, yes or no.
Order Subtotal orderSubtotal
Origin City originCity The service origin city name, such as New York.
Origin Country originCountry The service origin country code, formatted using ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 country codes. For example, US, UK, AU, FR.
Origin State originState The service origin state/province formatted using ISO 3166-2 state codes.
Paid at Booking Post Tax paidAtBookingPostTax Amount paid at booking after taxes.
Paid at Booking Pre Tax paidAtBookingPreTax Amount paid at booking before taxes.
Payment Model paymentMethod The model of payment used (for example, advertiser-specific).
Pickup Iata pickupIata The IATA code for an airport pickup location.
Pickup ID pickupId The unique car rental agency location ID used for pickup.
Platform ID platformId The device that the customer is using (for example, mobile, tablet, et cetera).
Point of Sale pointOfSale The customer’s point of sale.
Port port Departure port for cruises.
Preorder preorder If the customer purchased the item before it was available for sale.
Prepaid prepaid If the customer prepaid the transaction, yes or no.
Prequalify prequalify If the applicant was pre-qualified for the card.
Promotion promotion The promotion applied (for example: summer sale).
Promotion Amount promotionAmount The numeric amount associated with the promotion (for example, if the promotion is $500 cash back, this value is promotion=dollars&promotion_amt=500)
Promotion Condition Threshold promotionConditionThreshold The threshold needed to get the discount.
Promotion Condition Type promotionConditionType Types of promotional conditions.
Promotion Ends promotionEnds The date the promotion ends formatted using ISO 8601 standards. For example, 2022-12-25T15:30:50.111Z.
Promotion Starts promotionStarts The date the promotion begins formatted using ISO 8601 standards. For example, 2022-12-25T15:30:50.111Z.
Promotion Type promotionType The promotion type.
Quantity quantity The quantity for a given SKU, simple actions only; if using an item-based action, use QTYx.
Rating rating The star rating of the item booked or purchased.
Room Type roomType The type of room booked for a hotel or cruise.
Rooms rooms The number of rooms booked.
Service Type serviceType The type of financial service the customer signed up for or purchased.
Ship Name shipName The name of the cruise ship.
Start Date Time startDateTime The check-in date/time, arrival date/time, or similar start time for the booked or purchased item.
State state Defines the state or province where the store is located, formatted using ISO 3166-2 state codes. For example, Alaska’s code is US-AK and Bangkok is TH-10.
Subscription Fee subscriptionFee The cost of subscription fee featured when signing up for free trial.
Subscription Length subscriptionLength Product duration (for example: “indefinite” or 1 month/3 months/6 months).
Tax Amount taxAmount The amount of tax.
Tax Type taxType The type of tax.
Transfer Fee transferFee The transfer fee amount (for a credit card).
Travel Type travelType The type of travel being booked (for example: air, car, activities, cruise, events, hotel, package, restaurants, travel guides, vacation rental, other).
Trip Type tripType The type of trip booked or purchased (for example: one-way, round-trip, multi-city, round trip + hotel).
Upsell upsell If the customer converted from a trial to a subscription.
CJ User The CJ user ID.

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