MediaMath Connector Setup Guide

This article describes how to set up the MediaMath connector.

Connector actions

Send Custom Data

API information

This connector uses the following vendor API:

  • API Name: MediaMath Ingest API
  • API Version: v1
  • API Endpoint:

Configure settings

Navigate to the Connector Marketplace and add a new connector. For general instructions on how to add a connector, see the About Connectors article.

After selecting your audience and trigger, click Continue and then Add Connector. Enter a name for the connector and configure the following settings:

  • MediaMath Advertiser ID
    Required: Your MediaMath Advertiser ID.

ClickDonewhen you are finished configuring the connector.

Action settings — parameters and options

Click Continue to configure the connector actions. Enter in a name for the action and then select the action type from the drop-down menu.

The following section describes how to set up parameters and options for each action.

You can map Tealium attributes to MediaMath custom attributes to pass data as key/value pairs. Custom attributes need to be created and whitelisted in MediaMath prior to sending.

Action — Send Custom Data


Mapping ID (Required) The Mapping ID, supplied by MediaMath.
MediaMath User ID (Required) The MediaMath identifier of the visitor. Implement the MediaMath Cookie Matching tag to have the MediaMath Unique User ID (UUID) of the visitor sent to Tealium EventStream API Hub as mediamathid.
Pixel ID (Required) The configured Pixel ID, supplied by MediaMath.

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This page was last updated: September 22, 2022