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Insights brings additional connector data from the vendor into your Tealium account to help you evaluate its performance.

The Facebook Event Match quality insight is an integration with the Facebook Conversions connector that brings event match quality data from Facebook into your account. This article shows you how to access the feature, explore the data, and evaluate your event match quality.

Overview of Connector Insights

The insight for the Facebook Conversions connector provides a summary of the conversion event types received by Facebook and details about the customer information parameters received for each event type. These insights are presented in a summary of the event types received by Facebook and the event match percentage of the customer parameters included with those events.

Event Type Summary

The event type summary shows the event types received by Facebook from the connector. The event types displayed are based on the Pixel ID in the connector configuration and the events configured in the connector actions.

The Pixel ID is automatically detected from the connector configuration. If the Pixel ID is set dynamically as a mapped parameter in the connector action then the event type summary data cannot be retrieved from Facebook and the EMQ scores will not appear.

Each event type has an event match quality score ranging from 1 to 10. The score indicates how well the customer information in those events matches up to existing Facebook accounts.

Facebook API Insights Events

Customer Information Summary

The customer information summary shows the details for an event type. The summary table displays all customer information parameters received for the event type along with the percentage of events receiving each parameter. The higher percentage of events that contain customer information, the more likely the EMQ score will improve.

Facebook API Insights Customer Info

Using Connector Insights

To access Connector Insights:

Go to EventStream > Connectors, find the Facebook Conversions connector, and click Insights.

Connector Insights button

The event type summary displays.

Event Type Summary

The event type summary displays the following:

  • The Pixel ID of the configured connector
  • Each event type collected by Facebook
  • The event match quality for each event type.

Use the search, filter, and sorting options to find an event to review. Click an event to see the details of the event match quality.

Customer Information Summary

The customer information summary displays each customer parameter received for the selected event type and the percentage of events containing the parameter.

Evaluating Event Match Quality

What is Facebook Event Match Quality (EMQ)?

Facebook Event Match Quality is a score that indicates how well your server events are matching customer accounts in Facebook. Events are matched based on the customer information parameters that are sent with the events. The EMQ score is calculated from the configured Pixel ID, but scores from Pixel ID override variables are not supported at this time.

The scores range from 1 to 10. A higher score results in more optimized conversions and better ad attribution.

What is a good EMQ score?

Facebook recommends aiming for a score of 6.0 or higher.

Learn more about event match quality from Facebook for Business: Best Practices for Conversions API.

How do I improve the EMQ score?

Facebook lists several best practices to improve EMQ scoring. As a general rule, the more customer information parameters that you can include in your events, the higher the EMQ score will be.

It can also help to prioritize the parameters that are most likely to result in a customer match in Facebook. The most effective parameters are:

  • Hashed email address
  • Client IP address / Client user agent
  • Hashed phone number

Add data mappings for these parameters and more in the Facebook Conversions connector.

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This page was last updated: June 14, 2022