PersistIQ Connector Setup Guide

PersistIQ makes your outbound sales more effective. Launch personalized campaigns with multiple touchpoints in just minutes to get more conversations started from your cold leads. This article describes how to set up the PersistIQ Connector in your Customer Data Hub account.

Supported Actions

Action Name AudienceStream EventStream
Create Lead
Update Lead
Add Lead to Campaign

Configure Settings

Go to the Connector Marketplace and add a new Connector. Read the Connector Overview article for general instructions on how to add a Connector.

After adding the connector, configure the following settings:

  • API Key: Your API key grants access to read and write into your account database. Be sure to guard it like a password. This API key is a company-wide key. For more information, visit: PersistIQ’s documentation.

Action Settings - Parameters and Options

Click Next or go to the Actions tab. This is where you configure connector actions.

This section describes how to set up parameters and options for each action.

Action - Create Lead


Parameter Description
Creator ID
  • ID of the user creating the lead.
  • Email address of the lead.
First Name
  • First name of the lead.
Last Name
  • Last name of the lead.
  • Address of the lead.
  • City of the lead.
  • State of the lead.
Company Name
  • Company name pertaining to the lead.
  • Industry of the lead.
  • Phone number of the lead.
  • Additional notes on the lead.
Snippet 2
  • Additional notes on the lead.
Snippet 3
  • Additional notes on the lead.
Snippet 4
  • Additional notes on the lead.

Action - Update Lead


Parameter Description
Status ID
  • ID of the lead status.
  • True or false. True sets the lead as bounced.
Opted Out
  • True or false. True sets the lead as opted-out.
  • Data attributes of the lead.

Action - Add Lead to Campaign


Parameter Description
Campaign ID
Lead ID
  • The ID of the lead you wish to add to the campaign.

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