Add an enrichment

This article describes how to add an enrichment.

Enrichments are added to attributes as a way to customize their values. Find the attribute you want to enrich and complete the following steps:

From the left navigation bar, go to AudienceStream > Visitor / Visit Attributes to view your attributes. You can optionally filter your view by clicking on any the available options on the left. Click the desired attribute to view the details.

Using Attributes_View and Manage Attributes.png
  1. In the Add Attribute dialog, click Add Enrichment and select the desired enrichment.

  2. The settings vary depending on the kind of enrichment.
    See enrichment details below for additional information.

  3. Select WHEN to trigger the enrichment. This controls the timing of the enrichment.

    • New Visitor – occurs the first time a visitor comes to your site.
    • New Visit – occurs on a new visit by a visitor.
    • Any Event – occurs on any event.
    • Visit Ended – occurs when a visit ends, based on the following time of inactivity: * Web sessions: 30 minutes (10 minutes if only one event is received) * Mobile App sessions: 2 minutes * Omnichannel sessions: 1 minute
  4. Select an existing Rule condition or create a new rule.

  5. Click Finish.

  6. Save and publish your profile to apply the changes.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023