About Audience Sizing

This article explains the Audience Sizing feature.

Audience Sizing allows you to discover and take action on visitors based on their behavior. After specifying a date range and rule conditions as input, your audience data is searched for visitor profiles that match the criteria you selected. When complete, the results display in an interactive Venn diagram showing the number of visitors discovered for each rule condition.

Daily visitor query cap

Visitors are sampled by capping the daily visitor count, which determines the sample size of visitors used to project results in Audience Sizing and Audience Discovery queries. The actual query runs on the total visitors matched, not just the capped visitors. Likewise, jobs also run on the total number of matched visitors, not just the sampled visitors.

The Sample Size of Daily Visitors to Process profile setting can only be modified by Tealium staff. To adjust this setting, contact your account representative.

Daily Visitor Query Cap Setting

The default cap is 100,000. That means if your total visitor population is 1,000,000, the projections are performed on a random sample of a 100,000 visitors.


Overlapping conditions in the Venn diagram are called segments, and they represent combinations of rule conditions.

  • Segments can be selected for one-time use with a connector action. You cannot save a segment for later use.
  • Use your mouse to hover over segments and view the total number of visitors found.
  • To target a segment with a connector action, check the box next to it and click Next.


The process of sending an audience segment to a connector is called a job and takes place once you identify your audience segment. You may assign a job to one or more segments at a time.

  • A job remains inactive until you manually link it to a connector and activate it.
  • Once a job is activated, it will only run once.
  • You cannot pause or restart a job. This helps to prevent duplication of jobs, especially those that involve sending emails to visitors.
  • A completed job cannot be reused, but you may view its configurations or remove it from the jobs list.
  • To view existing job listings, go to AudienceStream > Connectors > Jobs.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023