Affirm incoming webhook setup guide

This article describes how to use the Affirm data source to create a webhook in your Affirm account and send actionable events to Tealium.


How it works

Affirm offers a Webhook API that sends outgoing requests to an endpoint that you specify. These requests inform Tealium EventStream and AudienceStream about customer activity from your Affirm account.

  • When you add the Affirm data source in your Tealium account a unique endpoint is generated.
  • This endpoint is used to configure a webhook in your Affirm account.
  • Once configured, you can create subscriptions based on topics and receive related push notifications to automate use cases, stay informed, and increase productivity.

Affirm data source

The Affirm data source generates a unique URL to use in your Affirm webhook configuration. The generated URL is in the format of:

Add the Affirm data source before proceeding, then provide the generated endpoint to your Affirm Client Success Manager.

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Affirm setup

Once you have your data source endpoint, use the following steps to go to your Affirm account and create the webhook.

  1. Log in to your Affirm account.
  2. Create a webhook.
  3. Enable and save the webhook.

Events and attributes

All incoming Affirm event attributes are automatically prefixed with affirm_. For example, when the Affirm webhook sends smtp-id, the matching EventStream event attribute is affirm_smtp_id (all lowercase).

For a full list of webhook events and attributes generated by Affirm, see the Affirm Webhook Documentation.

Event Attribute Type Example
affirm_approved_amount Number 50000.0
affirm_checkout_token String “5I97HK0EREM38YHK3”
affirm_created Date 2019-02-27T22:50:52.601851
affirm_decision String “approved”, “not_approved”
affirm_email_address String
affirm_event String “opened”, “prequal_decision”, “approved”, “not_approved”, “more_information_needed”, “confirmed”
affirm_event_timestamp Date 2020-02-27T22:51:57.941799
affirm_expiration Date 2020-02-27T22:42:08.092894
affirm_first_name String “Jeff”
affirm_last_name String “Testerson”
affirm_order_id String “17.0”
affirm_term_apr Array of Numbers [19.55, 19.89, 20.12]
affirm_term_created Array of Dates [2019-02-27T22:42:08.092894, 2019-02-27T22:42:08.092894, 2019-02-27T22:42:08.092894]
affirm_term_id Array of Strings [“DX394TR2O0T6F3JM”, “D3QF1AOBN0SL6XXT”, “Z7XKQEWUW0FQOMJ2”]
affirm_term_installment_amount Array of Numbers [172127.0, 88236.0, 46348.0]
affirm_term_installment_count Array of Numbers [3.0, 6.0, 12.0]
affirm_term_interest_amount Array of Numbers [16381.0, 29415.0, 56176.0]
affirm_term_prequal_amount Array of Numbers [500000.0, 500000.0, 500000.0]
affirm_total Number 5000
affirm_webhook_session_id String fal"A1b2C3"

Vendor documentation

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