• Added configuration option for Webhook connectors to support 302 responses when configured.


  • In the Connector Actions table, added links to each action.


  • Added Action - Send Batched Customized Data via HTTP Request (Advanced) action and Batch Limitations section


  • Added batch support for the Webhook 2-Legged OAuth2 and 3-Legged OAuth2 connectors.


  • Disabled Apache cookie management for Webhook connector to prevent domain-level cookies from being shared.


  • Added two new actions:Send Event Data via HTTP Request and Send Visitor Data via HTTP Request.
  • Removed the following two Actions: POST-visitor and PUT-visitor. Though the actions are no longer displayed in the Actions drop-down list, Tealium continues to support them if the actions are currently installed in your profile.


  • Added new Webhook OAuth2 Connector for supporting OAuth service. This service is separate from the Webhook (BasicAuth) Connector.


  • Added new Send Custom Request Action to support complex JSON and XML payloads. Supports a built-in template utility for translating nested JSON.
  • Moved GET, POST, and PUT methods under the new Action. They are no longer treated as separate Actions


  • The AudienceDirect Connector has been retired in favor of Webhook.
  • The POST-visitor and PUT-Visitor Actions are now integrated in the new Webhook (BasicAuth) Connector.
  • If your profile contains any deprecated/non-functional AudienceDirect Actions, you must reconfigure them in a new Webhook instance.

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This page was last updated: June 23, 2022