Iterable incoming webhook setup guide

This article describes how to use the Iterable data source to create a webhook in your Iterable account and send actionable events to Tealium.


How it works

Iterable offers a Webhook API that sends outgoing requests to an endpoint that you specify. These requests inform Tealium EventStream about activity in your Iterable account. When you add the Iterable data source a unique endpoint is generated. This endpoint is used to configure the Iterable webhook.

Iterable data source

The Iterable data source generates a unique URL to use in your Iterable webhook configuration. The URL is generated in the following format:

To add the Iterable data source to your Tealium Customer Data Hub profile, see Data Sources. After adding and connecting the data source, save and publish your profile.

Iterable setup

Once you have your data source endpoint, use the following steps to go to your Iterable account and create the webhook.

  1. Log in to your Iterable account.
  2. Go to Integrations > System Webhooks.
  3. Click Create Webhook.
    The system webhook creation form displays.
  4. Enter the endpoint generated from the Tealium data source as the Webhook URL.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Check the Enabled checkbox.
  7. Click Save.

Events and attributes

All incoming Iterable event attributes are automatically prefixed with iterable_. For example, when the Iterable webhook sends eventname , the matching EventStream event attribute is iterable_eventname (all lowercase).

For a full list of webhook events and attributes generated by Iterable, see the Iterable Webhook Documentation.

Event Attribute Type Example
iterable_datafields_appalreadyrunning Boolean false
iterable_datafields_browsertoken String cZn_inqLGPk:APA91bHsn5jo0-4V55RB38eCeLHj8ZXVJYciU7k6Kipbit3lrRlEe2Dt6bNzR4lSf6r2YNVdWY8l90hV0jmb_Y7y5ufcJ68xNI7wbsH6Q2jbEghA_Qo4kWbtu6A4NZN4gxc1xsEbyh7b
iterable_datafields_campaignid Number 723636
iterable_datafields_campaignname String My campaign name
iterable_datafields_canonicalurlid String 3145668988
iterable_datafields_channelids Number Example: 8539
iterable_datafields_city String San Francisco
iterable_datafields_contentavailable Boolean false
iterable_datafields_contentid Number 3681
iterable_datafields_createdat String 2019-08-07 23:43:48 +00:00
iterable_datafields_device String Gmail
iterable_datafields_email String
iterable_datafields_emailids String Example:
iterable_datafields_emailsubject String My subject
iterable_datafields_expiresat String 2019-08-08 22:37:40 +00:00
iterable_datafields_fromphonenumberid Number 258
iterable_datafields_fromsmssenderid Number 258
iterable_datafields_inappbody String <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC \\-//W3C//DTD XHTML
iterable_datafields_ip String
iterable_datafields_isghostpush Boolean false
iterable_datafields_linkid String 3145668988
iterable_datafields_linkurl String
iterable_datafields_messagecontext_savetoinbox Boolean false
iterable_datafields_messagecontext_trigger String immediate
iterable_datafields_messageid String 4238c918b20a41dfbe9a910275b76f12
iterable_datafields_messagetypeids Number Example: 9106
iterable_datafields_payload_path String “your_folder/30”
iterable_datafields_platformendpoint String <Platform endpoint>
iterable_datafields_pushmessage String Push message text
iterable_datafields_reason String DuplicateMarketingMessage
iterable_datafields_recipientstate String Complaint
iterable_datafields_region String CA
iterable_datafields_signupsource String ResubscribePage
iterable_datafields_smsmessage String Message text
iterable_datafields_smsproviderresponse_code Number 20404
iterable_datafields_smsproviderresponse_message String The requested resource /2010-04-01/Accounts/ACCOUNT_NUMBER/Messages.json was not found
iterable_datafields_smsproviderresponse_more_info String
iterable_datafields_smsproviderresponse_status Number 404
iterable_datafields_templateid Number 1020396
iterable_datafields_templatename String My template name
iterable_datafields_tophonenumber String +16503926753
iterable_datafields_transactionaldata_comment String transactionalData lists the…
iterable_datafields_unsubsource String EmailLink
iterable_datafields_url String
iterable_datafields_useragent String Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_12_3) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/58.0.3029.110 Safari/537.36
iterable_datafields_useragentdevice String Mac
iterable_datafields_workflowid Number 53505
iterable_datafields_workflowname String My workflow name
iterable_email String
iterable_eventname String pushUninstall

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