About Data Layer Enrichment

Data Layer Enrichment makes AudienceStream visit and visitor attributes available in your Tealium iQ configuration and populates that data in your data layer.

Data Layer Enrichment imports your AudienceStream attributes into your Tealium iQ account and makes them available as part of your data layer. The customer data collected in AudienceStream is populated in the data layer on your website. Those attributes can then be used in load rules, extensions, and tags in your iQ account to create personalized experiences for your customers.

How it works

Data Layer Enrichment is a profile-level setting in iQ that links to a corresponding AudienceStream profile. After Data Layer Enrichment is enabled, a new type of data layer variable called AudienceStream Attribute appears in the list of variables on the Data Layer screen. The visit and visitor attributes from the AudienceStream profile are imported and become available to use just like any other data layer variable.


These attributes are populated with real-time customer data into the Universal Data Object (UDO) using the Tealium Collect Tag.

Upon a visitor’s first visit to your site, the Tealium Collect tag sends a call to AudienceStream to retrieve the most recent visitor profile attributes. The data is placed in the browser’s local storage for future use.

On the second tracking call, the AudienceStream attributes are now in your UDO and affect any load rules, extensions, or tags that are configured with them.

Because tags load asynchronously, the most recently retrieved set of attributes are available for use on subsequent tracking calls, rather than on the current page’s events.

Same origin policy

It’s important to note that the browser mechanism used to store customer data, localStorage, adheres to the same origin policy for security purposes. This means that data layer enrichment does not persist across http protocols or subdomains.

For example, when going from a page on www.tealium.com to a page on secure.tealium.com, the data layer enrichment data stored in localStorage does not persist to the new subdomain. Therefore, when a user changes subdomains or protocols, a new data layer enrichment call must be made to re-populate localStorage and the data may not be available until the subsequent tracking call.


These are the requirements for using data layer enrichment:

  • AudienceStream – You need an active AudienceStream account with visit and visitor attributes defined. If you do not have an AudienceStream account, contact your account manager.
  • Data Layer Enrichment enabled in iQ– Contact your account manager to enable your account to take advantage of Data Layer Enrichment.
  • Tealium Collect tag – You need to add the Tealium Collect tag to your Tealium iQ profile.
  • Latest version of utag.js – You need utag.js version 4.27 or later.
    Learn how to update your utag.js version.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023