Configure Cyberduck

This article describes how to configure Cyberduck to upload a file via FTP or Amazon S3.

To upload a file to a file service, a third-party application is required to initiate the upload. Though you may use any client for this purpose, Tealium recommends Cyberduck because it’s free and supports FTP and Amazon S3.

When multiple files are uploaded at the same time using SFTP or S3, the files are processed in alphabetical order based on the file name.

Use Cyberduck to upload a file via FTP or Amazon S3

  1. Launch Cyberduck.

  2. Create a new connection and give it a title.

  3. Select the file transfer service used in your File Transfer Service configuration.

  4. Enter the credentials (username and password) for your service.

    • My FTP Connection and My SFTP Connection
    • Tealium S3 Bucket The credentials are pre-populated as an Access Key (username) and Secret Key (password).
  5. Provide other details, such as the server, path, port, etc, required by your service. To learn more about accessing third-party S3 buckets using Cyberduck, see the Amazon S3 article in the Cyberduck documentation.

  6. Save the connection.

You are now ready to upload files by dragging and dropping your CSV files into Cyberduck. If this is a new S3 bucket (an empty bucket), see Upload a file to an empty S3 bucket for instructions on uploading your first file.

When using SFTP, the file must be located in the root folder. Files cannot be located in the sub-folders for an SFTP connection.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023