Airship incoming webhook setup guide

This article describes how to use the Airship data source to create a webhook in your Airship account and send actionable events to Tealium.


  • Tealium EventStream and/or Tealium AudienceStream
  • Airship account

How it works

To connect Airship with Tealium EventStream or Tealium AudienceStream, use the Airship Webhook API to send outgoing requests to the custom Airship data source endpoint in your Tealium account.

After you configure the webhook, you can create subscriptions based on topics and receive related push notifications to automate use cases, stay informed, and increase productivity.

Airship data source

Adding the Airship data source to your Tealium Customer Data Hub profile generates a unique URL to use in your webhook configuration in following format:

To add the Airship data source to your Tealium Customer Data Hub profile, see Data Sources. After adding and connecting the data source, save and publish your profile.

Airship setup

After you connect Airship to your Tealium Customer Data Hub profile, configure the webhook using the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Airship account and navigate to Settings > Project Configuration and click Manage to configure your Real-Time Data Streaming integrations.

  2. Under Real-Time Data Streaming, click Tealium.

    Previously configured integrations are listed under Enabled Integrations.

  3. Enter a name and description.

  4. Enter the custom endpoint URL created by adding the Airship data source to your Tealium profile. For example{account}/{profile}/{data_source_key}
  5. Select whether to send anonymous visitors to Tealium.

  6. Select the event types to send to Tealium.

  7. Click Save.

Events and attributes

All incoming Airship event attributes are prefixed withairship_. For example, for theid attribute, Airship will send the matching EventStream event attributeairship_id(all lowercase). The Airship webhook API sends flattened JSON objects to Tealium as shown in the following example of an Airship Email Subscription event:

  "airship_id": "62f3b7ac-4048-4f22-a0b5-22c01ef172a9",
  "airship_offset": "1000022265027",
  "airship_occurred": "2021-10-01T16:52:07.131Z",
  "airship_processed": "2019-04-01T13:00:23.456Z",
  "airship_device_channel": "6b46c724-494b-4491-9fe7-1b903d266110",
  "airship_device_device_type": "EMAIL",
  "airship_device_named_user_id": "Tealium",
  "airship_device_delivery_address": "",
  "airship_body_event_type": "registration",
  "airship_body_identifiers_address": "",
  "airship_body_properties_commercial_opted_in": "2019-01-04T20:56:00.000Z",
  "airship_body_properties_transactional_opted_in": "2019-01-04T20:56:00.000Z",
  "airship_type": "SUBSCRIPTION",
  "tealium_timestamp_epoch": 1634740696399,
  "tealium_event": "airship_subscription"

For a full list of webhook events and attributes generated by Airship, see the Airship Events Documentation.

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