About event specifications

Event specifications are a way to organize and validate the quality of incoming data. Specifications define the attributes required for types of events and provide code examples for your installation. Once created, specifications allow the data quality of your events to be validated in real-time using Live Events.

Event specifications represent your data layer in the Customer Data Hub. Events entering the Customer Data Hub are identified by the tealium_eventattribute. The value of this attribute represents the name of the event and the specification associated with it. The specification also indicates which event attributes are required to be populated in the event.

Let’s look at an example of an event specification for the event named video_complete which occurs upon the completion of watching a video.

Event data object

The tealium_event attribute identifies the type of event, in this case video_complete. The additional attributes provide contextual information about the event and the corresponding event specification defines the required attributes and their expected data types, as shown in the following example.

    "tealium_event"  : "video_complete", // name of event and specification
    "video_id"       : "xWlEk2i9r5Q",
    "video_length"   : 300,
    "video_name"     : "How to track videos in Tealium",
    "video_platform" : "YouTube",
Video Complete

Code sample

Tracking code for the cart_add event for an iQ Tag Management data source named My iOS App:


Event specifications provide two primary benefits for data management:

  • To standardize the implementation of events across all platforms.
  • To evaluate the data quality of incoming events.

Live Events and Feeds

When you create an event specification a matching event feed is also created. This feed can be configured for data storage or linked to connector actions.

Feeds linked to an event specification cannot be deleted and their names cannot be changed.


Once an event specification is created and the tracking code is implemented, use Live Events to view incoming events in real-time to evaluate their data quality. As events arrive in the Customer Data Hub, when the tealium_event attribute matches an event specification, the incoming attributes are compared against the requirements of the specification and marked as valid or invalid.

  • Example: Valid cart_empty event
Valid Events Details
  • Example: Invalid cart_empty event due to lack of matching event specification
Invalid Event

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