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The visitor ID attribute is used to identify customers using a value that is guaranteed to be unique to each customer. The value is usually set during a qualifying event – one that would only occur when a customer provides a reliable means of identification, such as registering or completing a purchase.

How it works

Visitor ID

A simple example of a visitor ID attribute is email address (or email hash). This is typically a reliable way to uniquely identify a customer, especially when it’s associated with a qualifying event. In order to accurately perform identity resolution with an email address the following is needed:

  • Event Attribute (String) - email_address
    An email address must be part of the data collection as an event attribute.
  • Qualifying Event - user_register
    Not all events that send an email address value should be used for identity resolution. Only specific events that have a high likelihood of accurately identifying the customer should be used.
  • Visitor Attribute (String) - Email Address
    A visitor string attribute for the email address will associate it with the customer profile for any event that sends the corresponding event attribute.
  • Visitor ID - Email Address
    Identity resolution only occurs when Email Address is set and a qualifying event has occurred.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023