Visitor stitching guidelines

This article provides guidelines for visitor stitching.

The following are important guidelines for visitor ID attributes and visitor stitching:

  • Uniqueness
    A visitor ID attribute must have at least 3 unique characters and be at least 6 characters long.
    Learn more about visitor ID attribute requirements.
  • Case Sensitive
    Visitor ID attribute values are case sensitive so, is different from If the attribute values contain these variations, use the lower-case enrichment to normalize them.
  • Multiple IDs
    Multiple visitor ID attributes are evaluated as an OR condition in order of attribute ID from lowest to highest (oldest to newest).
  • Robustness
    Only user identifiers that are guaranteed to match the visitor across devices should be used for visitor ID attributes.
  • Stitched Visitor Profile
    When multiple visitor profiles are stitched, the original profiles remain and a new visitor profile is created to store the stitched profiles.
  • Avoid Test Data
    Be careful not to capture default or test values in your user identifiers, such as, undefined, unknown, or not set.
  • Shared IDs
    Before stitching is enabled, determine how to handle shared IDs, such as those used at libraries or universities, so that multiple visitors are not stitched inadvertently.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023