Live Events

Live Events is used to manage and inspect incoming events in real-time. We’ll use this to verify that the test events you send from your data source are being received.

Using Live Events

To begin, navigate to EventStream > Live Events, then select your new data source from the drop-down menu at the top of the chart named All Data Sources and click Apply.

Select Data Sources

The chart is now waiting for events to arrive from that data source.

Next, return to your site or app to trigger the test event. If you are using the HTTP API, you can simply paste the test event URL into a new browser window. If your installation is working, the test event will arrive on the screen as a blue bar in the chart.

Event details

Click the bar to see the event details. Notice that the event name (search) and the data source (My Sample App) are displayed prominently in the top header section. Below the event name is a list of all the data attributes contained in the event, some of which are set automatically for every event.

Event Details

Try experimenting with different event names and adding additional parameters to the event.

If your events aren’t coming through here are some things to check:

  • Did you save and publish after adding the data source?
  • Does the data source key in your installation code match the one provided in the interface?
  • Is your account and profile name set correctly in the install code?

Great, now that you have verified that your data source is working and EventStream is receiving data, it’s time to look at event specifications.

Click Next to learn about how event specifications help you build your data layer and improve the quality of your data.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023