About labels

Labels help you identify data sources, event feeds, event specs, and attributes for your own organization and filtering. This article provides information on labels and how they are useful, and also shows you how to create, manage, search, and filter by labels.

How it works

A label is a tool for uniquely identifying an element such as a data source, event feed, event spec, or attribute. You specify what the label says and apply it to any element of your choice. You may apply as many labels as you need to a particular element.

Labels are especially useful for identifying large groups of elements that may be mostly similar but have a few important differences. For example, you might have several instances of the AudienceStream badge attribute VIP – Past Purchases for different users and need to differentiate between iOS and Android users. You can apply labels to AudienceStream attributes depending on the user’s device and filter attributes using these labels.

Attribute Example Label

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023