About arrays

This article describes how to use the data types array of strings, array of numbers, and array of booleans.

Arrays are used to store a list of values. Whereas a string or number attribute can only contain a single value, such as "Home Page" or 12.95, an array can contain multiple values, such as ["Pants", "Shirts"] or [5.99, 12.95]. Arrays are available for the number, string, and boolean attribute data types.

In this article, arrays are represented in JSON format in all examples.

["Pants", "Shirts", "Shoes"]
[2, 4, 6]
[true, false, false]

Arrays can contain duplicate values.

There are no storage capacity limits for arrays, but these attributes are still limited by the maximum size of the profile after encryption and compression.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023