Function triggers

This article provides information on triggers for each function type.

Functions are triggered by events at different points in the data pipeline, depending on the function type.

Data transformation functions

Data transformation functions have custom triggers, which are rules that specify the conditions that trigger execution of a function. If the trigger conditions for a data transformation function are met, the function is invoked after the event is collected from the data source and before the event is processed, as shown in the following data pipeline diagram. Data transformation functions support all event types except for file import events.


Only one function can be triggered by a custom trigger. If an event matches more than one function trigger, the function with the oldest Date Modified is the only function that is triggered.

For more information, see About Data Transformation Functions.

Event and visitor functions

Event and visitor functions are invoked after the event or visitor has been processed, as shown in the following data pipeline diagram.


For more information, see About Event and Visitor Functions.

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