Trace is the testing and validation tool for AudienceStream. You use Trace to validate that your configuration is working properly and that connector actions are being triggered.

How it works


Trace allows you to isolate a specific test case and view a log of how it gets processed in AudienceStream. Trace generates a unique ID called a trace ID to use during your testing. When you trigger events using the trace ID, the results are displayed in a detailed log in the Trace tool, including information about: the received event, the enriched visitor attributes, the affected audience activity and the triggered connector actions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Start a Trace
    Starting a new trace generates a unique trace ID. You add this value to the data layer of your test application as the tealium_trace_id attribute or by copying it into the AudienceStream Trace Tealium Tool for testing directly from the browser.
  • Test Your Workflow
    Once your trace ID is in place, you step through the work flow you want to test. This can be a multi-step flow that spans different screens or pages and Trace will capture all of them.
  • View Trace Log
    Return to Trace and watch as the log of activity is processed in real-time. You can inspect the active visitor profile, the enriched attributes, and the outcome of triggered connector actions.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023