About Trace

Trace is a testing and inspection tool for your EventStream and AudienceStream configuration that allows you to capture your workflow as a visitor and watch how events and customer data are processed in real-time.


The following items are required to use Trace:

  • EventStream or AudienceStream
    If you do not already have access to one or both, contact your account manager to activate.
  • Tealium Tools Browser Extension
    Tealium Tools is needed to start and end a trace session in your browser.

How It Works

Trace provides an inside view into the inner workings of EventStream and AudienceStream. The trace tool is critical for testing your configuration. You can use trace to observe the details of a predefined workflow, ensure that attributes update correctly, rules are correctly applied, and that actions trigger as expected.

From the Trace interface, you can:

  • Start or stop a trace
  • Join an active trace
  • View predefined workflows and event log details in real time
  • Establish rules and view results
  • Get replay code to replay, pause, or resume an event
  • View a scrolling summary of actions, events, and audiences
  • View the details of an event or processing step
  • View snapshots of visitor profiles

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023