Upload files to S3 bucket

This article describes how to upload a file to an empty S3 bucket.

When an S3 bucket is first created, it’s empty. If you try to access an empty S3 bucket, the following message may be displayed:

Failure to read attributes of ACCOUNT-PROFILE

Before uploading any CSV files, use the following aws s3api command to upload a file into the empty bucket:

aws s3api put-object --bucket <bucket> --key <key> --body <body>
  • The bucket value is the region domain in the format collect-REGION.tealium.com.
  • The key value specifies the filename you want to assign to the file, including the file prefix.
  • The body value specifies specifies the file location on the local system.

For example:

aws s3api put-object --bucket collect-us-east-1.tealium.com \
  --key bulk-downloader/ACCOUNT-PROFILE/test_fileimp_01.csv \
  --body ./test_fileimp_01.csv

For more information, see AWS Command Line Interface (CLI): How to Connect to Your S3 Bucket and Other Common Commands.

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This page was last updated: January 7, 2023