Add an attribute

This article describes how to add and duplicate an attribute.

From the left navigation bar, navigate to AudienceStream > Visitor / Visit Attributes to view your attributes. Optionally filter your view by clicking on any the available options on the left. Click the desired attribute to view the details.

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Add an attribute

The process of adding event and visit or visitor attributes is similar. The following steps show how to add an audience attribute:

  1. Navigate to AudienceStream > Visitor / Visit Attributes.
    You can optionally use the filters on the left to narrow your view.
  2. Click + Add Attribute.
  3. In the Add Attribute dialog, select Visit or Visitor for the attribute scope and click Continue.
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  4. Select a data type (Visit or Visitor) and click Continue.
  5. (Required) In the Title field, enter a descriptive name.
    For event attributes, the Title can only contain letters, numbers, underscore, dollar sign, square brackets, and period. The name of an event attribute must match the name of the variable implemented.
    For visit and visitor attributes, you can use any ASCII character for Title other than double quotes.
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  6. In the Notes field, enter helpful notes that describe the purpose and/or mechanics of the attribute.
  7. (Optional) Select the Restricted Data checkbox if the visitor data includes PII data.
  8. (Optional) Check the AudienceDB checkbox to include the attribute as a column in AudienceDB.
    This step requires AudienceDB to be enabled in the profile.
  9. Continue to the next section to add an enrichment to the attribute.

Duplicate an Attribute

Use the following steps to duplicate an attribute:

  1. Click the attribute you want to duplicate and then click the duplicate icon.
  2. Edit if needed and then click Save.
  3. Save and publish your profile to apply the changes.

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