Adjust Mobile Remote Command Tag Setup Guide

This article describes how to set up the Adjust Mobile Remote Command tag in your Tealium iQ Tag Management account.

Adjust is the industry leader in mobile measurement and fraud prevention. By making marketing simpler, smarter and more secure, we empower data-driven marketers to succeed.

Tag Tips

  • Use mappings to override standard config values.
  • This is a remote command companion tag for the native mobile app SDK.

Tag Configuration

First, go to the tag marketplace and add the Adjust Mobile Remote Command tag (Learn more about how to add a tag).

After adding the tag, configure the following settings:

  • Adjust API Token

    • Adjust API tokens are assigned per user and can be used with any of your Adjust dashboard accounts and for any Adjust integrated app.
    • Find your Adjust API token.
  • Auto Initialize

    • Automatically send the Initialize command.
  • Sandbox

    • Set to true if you or someone else is testing your app.
  • Log Leve

    • Increase or decrease the amount of logs that you see during testing.
  • Delay Start

    • Delaying the start of the Adjust SDK allows your app some time to obtain session parameters, such as unique identifiers, to be sent on install.
    • The maximum delay start time of the Adjust SDK is 10 seconds.
  • Allow iAd iOS Framework

    • This framework is needed so that SDK can automatically handle attribution for ASA campaigns you might be running.
  • Allow Ad Services Framework

    • For devices running iOS 14.3 or higher, this framework allows the SDK to automatically handle attribution for ASA campaigns.
    • It is required when leveraging the Apple Ads Attribution API.
  • Allow iOS Advertising Identifier

    • Certain services (such as Google Analytics) require you to coordinate device and client IDs in order to prevent duplicate reporting.
  • App Secret ID

    • Used for SDK Signature Feature.
  • App Secret Info 1

    • Used for SDK Signature Feature.
  • App Secret Info 2

    • Used for SDK Signature Feature.
  • App Secret Info 3

    • Used for SDK Signature Feature.
  • App Secret Info 4

    • Used for SDK Signature Feature.
  • Event Buffering

    • If your app makes heavy use of event tracking, you might want to delay some HTTP requests in order to send them in one batch every minute.
  • Background Tracking

    • The default behaviour of the Adjust SDK is to pause sending HTTP requests while the app is in the background.

Data Mappings

Mapping is the process of sending data from a data layer variable to the corresponding destination variable of the vendor tag. For instructions on how to map a variable to a tag destination, see data mappings.

The available categories are:


Remote Command


Variable Type
API Token (api_token) [String]
Auto Initialize (auto_initialize) [Boolean]
Sandbox (sandbox) [Boolean]
Log Level (settings.log_level) [String]
Delay Start (settings.delay_start) [Float]
Allow IAD (`settings.allow_iad) [Boolean]
Allow Ad Services (settings.allow_ad_services) [Boolean]
Allow IDFA (settings.allow_idfa) [Boolean]
App Secret (settings.app_secret) [String]
App Secret Info 1 (settings.app_secret_info_1) [String]
App Secret Info 2 (settings.app_secret_info_2) [String]
App Secret Info 3 (settings.app_secret_info_3) [String]
App Secret Info 4 (settings.app_secret_info_4) [String]
Event Buffering Enabled (settings.event_buffering_enabled) [Boolean]
Send In Background (settings.send_in_background) [Boolean]

Event Tracking

Variable Type
Event Token (event_token)
Order ID (order_id) (Overrides _corder)
Order Total (order_total) (Overrides _ctotal) [Float]
Currency (order_currency) (Overrides _ccurrency)
Conversion Value (conversion_value)
Sales Region (sales_region)
SKU (sku) [String]
Purchase Token (purchase_token) [String]
Signature (signature) [String]

Ad Revenue Tracking

Name Parameter
Ad Revenue Source (ad_revenue_source)


Variable Type
App Store Receipt Data (receipt) [JSON]
Purchase Timestamp (purchase_time)

Callback/Partner Parameters

Variable Parameter
Callback Id (callback_id)
Remove Session Callback Params (remove_session_callback_params)
Reset Session Callback Params (reset_session_callback_params)
Remove Session Partner Params (remove_session_partner_params)
Reset Session Partner Params (reset_session_partner_params)


Variable Description
Deep Link Url (deeplink_open_url)


Variable Description
Push Token (push_token)
Variable Description
Consent Granted (measurement_consent)
Enabled (enabled) [Boolean]

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