Genesys Chat Widget Tag Guide

This article describes how to set up the Genesys Chat Widget tag in your Tealium iQ Tag Management account.

Tag tips

  • Use mapping to dynamically override the standard configuration values, send custom user data or map objects and functions.
  • The contents of the function can be set up in a JavaScript extension.

Tag configuration

Navigate to the Tag Marketplace to add a new tag. Read the Tag Overview article for general instructions on how to add a tag.

When adding the tag, configure the following settings:

  • Version
    • The version of the widget to load.
    • Example: 9.0
  • Region
    • Select the nearest or appropriate region based on where you are located.
  • Theme
    • Selects the theme to apply to Genesys Widgets from the ’themes’ object.
    • Uses the property name of the theme.
  • Language
    • Select the language to use from the ‘i18n’ language pack.
    • Language codes are selected by the customer.
    • Any language code format can be used as long as this property matches one of the language codes in your i18n language pack.
  • Mobile Mode
    • Values are true, false, or auto.
      • A value of true forces Mobile mode on all devices.
      • A value of false disables Mobile mode completely.
      • If you use the automatic (auto) value Genesys Widgets Automatically switches between Mobile and Desktop modes using the ‘Mobile Mode Breakpoint’ property and UserAgent detection.
  • Time Format
    • Sets the time format for the timestamps.
    • Values are 12 or 24.
  • Mobile Mode Breakpoint
    • The breakpoint width in pixels where Genesys Widgets will switch to Mobile mode.
  • Custom Stylesheet ID
    • The HTML ID of a <style> tag that contains CSS overrides, custom themes, or other custom CSS intended for Genesys Widgets.
  • Download Google Font
    • By default, Genesys Widgets downloads and uses the Google font ‘Roboto’.
    • Values are true or false.
    • A value of true downloads and used the Google font Roboto.
    • To disable this download, set this value to false.
  • Deployment ID
    • The string used to customize cookie names to enable multiple widget deployments to run in the same domain.
  • API Key
    • Apigee Proxy secure token.
  • Endpoint
    • Manually enter the endpoint to initiate chat on.
  • Data URL
    • URL for GMS REST chat service.
    • Values are true or false.
    • Required if CometD is not enabled.
    • If CometD Enabled is set to true, this property is ignored.
  • Enable Custom Header
    • Enables the use of the custom authorization header defined in _genesys.widgets.main.header static config.
    • Attaches the custom authorization header to all WebChatService request.
  • CometD Enabled
    • Enables or disables the CometD connection method.
    • Values are true or false.
    • If set to false or left undefined, WebChatService connects to REST services through the dataURL specified.
  • CometD Comet URL
    • URL for GMS CometD connection.
    • Values are true or false.
    • CometD Enabled must be set to true for WebChatService to connect to this service.
  • CometD Channel
    • CometD channel for receiving chat messages.
  • CometD API URL
    • URL for additional CometD services, such as file upload and download.
  • CometD Websocket Enabled
    • Values are true or false.
      • If set to true, CometD attempts to connect through websockets.
      • If set to false, CometD only uses long-polling.
    • CometD falls back to long-polling if it cannot connect via websockets.
  • Async Enabled
    • Enable Asynchronous Chat where a chat session can be active indefinitely.
  • Ajax Timeout
    • Number of milliseconds to wait before AJAX timeout.
  • Poll Exception Limit
    • Number of successive poll exceptions (chat server offline) before WebChatService publishes chatServerWentOffline.
  • Restore Timeout
    • Number of milliseconds before restore timeout.
    • Prevents the chat session from restoring after a certain time away from the session
    • Example: The user navigated to a different site during chat and never ended the session.
  • Emojis
    • Enable Emoji Menu.
  • Uploads Enabled
    • Show the Send File button.
  • Confirm Form Close Enabled
    • Enable displaying a confirmation message before closing WebChat if information has been entered into the registration form.
  • Actions Menu
    • Enable actions menu next to chat message input.
  • Max Message Length
    • Set a character limit that the user can input into the message area during a chat.
    • When the maximum message length is reached, user can no longer type.
  • Char Count Enabled:
    • Show the number of characters remaining in the input message area while the user is typing.
  • Auto Invite Enabled
    • Enable auto-invite feature.
    • Automatically invites user to chat after user idles on page for preset time.
  • Time To Invite Seconds
    • Number of seconds of idle time before inviting customer to chat.
  • Timeout Seconds
    • Number of seconds to wait after showing invite before closing the chat invite.
  • Chat Button Enabled
    • Enable chat button on screen.
  • Chat Button Open Delay
    • Number of milliseconds before displaying chat button on screen.
  • Chat Button Effect Duration
    • Length of animation effect, in milliseconds.
  • Hide Chat Button During Invite
    • When auto-invite feature is activated, hide the chat button.
    • When invite is dismissed, reveal the chat button again.
  • Minimize On Mobile Restore
    • Enable/disable the minimized state of webchat on chat restore.
    • This option is only for mobile mode.
  • Enable Markdown
    • Enable/disable the markdown feature for chat messages.

Data mappings

Mapping is the process of sending data from a data layer variable to the corresponding destination variable of the vendor tag. For instructions on how to map a variable to a tag destination, see Data Mappings.

The available categories are:


Variable Description
Themes (main.themes) [Object]
Theme (main.theme) [String]
Language (main.lang) [String]
i18n (main.i18n) [URL string or JSON]
Header (main.header) [Object]
Preload (main.preload) [Array]
Mobile Mode (main.mobileMode) [Boolean/String]
Time Format (main.timeFormat) [Number/String]
Mobile Mode Breakpoint (main.mobileModeBreakpoint) [Number]
Debug (main.debug) [Boolean]
Custom Stylesheet ID (main.customStylesheetID) [String]
Download Google Font (main.downloadGoogleFont) [Boolean]
Deployment ID (main.deploymentID) [String]
Cookie Options (main.cookieOptions) [Object]
onReady (mainonReady) [Function]
Script URL (script_url) [String]
CSS URL (css_url) [String]

Webchat Service

Variable Description
Themes (main.themes) [Object]
API Key (webchat.apikey) [String]
Endpoint (webchat.endpoint) [String]
Data URL (webchat.dataURL) [String]
EnableCustomHeader (webchat.enableCustomHeader) [Boolean]
CometD (webchat.cometD) [Object]
CometD.enabled (webchat.cometD.enabled) [Boolean]
CometD.cometURL (webchat.cometD.cometURL) [String] ( [String]
CometD.apiURL (webchat.cometD.apiURL) [String]
CometD.websocketEnabled (webchat.cometD.websocketEnabled) [Boolean]
CometD.logLevel (webchat.cometD.logLevel) [String]
UserData (webchat.userData) [Object]
AjaxTimeout (webchat.ajaxTimeout) [Number]
XhrFields (webchat.xhrFields) [Object]
PollExceptionLimit (webchat.pollExceptionLimit) [Number]
RestoreTimeout (webchat.restoreTimeout) [Number]
Async (webchat.async) [Object]
Async.enabled (webchat.async.enabled) [Boolean]
Async New Message Restore State (webchat.async.newMessageRestoreState) [String]
Async.getSessionData (webchat.async.getSessionData) [Function]
Async.setSessionData (webchat.async.setSessionData) [Function]

Webchat UI

Variable Description
Emojis (webchat.emojis) [Boolean]
Form (webchat.form) [Object]
Uploads Enabled (webchat.uploadsEnabled) [Boolean]
Confirm Form Close Enabled (webchat.confirmFormCloseEnabled) [Boolean]
Actions Menu (webchat.actionsMenu) [Boolean]
Max Message Length (webchat.maxMessageLength) [Number]
Char Count Enabled (webchat.charCountEnabled) [Boolean]
Auto Invite Enabled (webchat.autoInvite.enabled) [Boolean]
Auto Invite Time To Invite Seconds (webchat.autoInvite.timeToInviteSeconds) [Number]
Auto Invite Invite Timeout Seconds (webchat.autoInvite.inviteTimeoutSeconds) [Number]
Chat Button Enabled (webchat.chatButton.enabled) [Boolean]
Chat Button Template (webchat.chatButton.template) [String]
Chat Button Effect (webchat.chatButton.effect) [String]
Chat Button Open Delay (webchat.chatButton.openDelay) [Number]
Chat Button Effect Duration (webchat.chatButton.effectDuration) [Number]
Minimize On Mobile Restore (webchat.minimizeOnMobileRestore) [Boolean]
Enable Markdown (webchat.markdown) [Boolean]

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